Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Style Finds

What's your summer style like? If you are picturing lightweight natural fabrics and fibers (silks, cottons, linen blends), flowing silhouettes, and subtle geometric and botanical prints, you are going to enjoy my Summer Style picks very much. From bold and vibrant colors to neutral tones, these clothes, along with jewelry and accessories to complement them, are the very essence of summer, wherever you happen to spend it -- in the city, by the seashore, in the garden, or on the road to your next adventure.

Summer Frocks

Navy, Saffron, Seafoam
Cotton, Linen, Silk
Jasmin Shokrian, Wiksten, Donna Karan

Summer Tops

Ruffles, Ferns, Applique
Isabel Marant, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Alabama Chanin

Summer Adornments & Jewelry

 Organic Cotton, Wood, Silver
Sea Kelp, Pebbles, Shells
Elena Rosenberg, Grace Girvan, Oscar Carvallo

Summer Bags

Lemon, Eco-print, Leather + Linen
Jill Harrell, Red2White, Ellington Handbags

Summer Pastimes

Caresses, Pedals, Petals
Jose Villa Photography, Ali Harper Photography, Sweet Eventide Photography

Summer Treats

Wild Strawberries, Summer Harvest Scent, Ginger & Cilantro Margarita
AllTheBeautifulThings, Burren Perfumery, The Gouda Life

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